How to Make Flappy Bird Game (Urdu) Episode # 8


Its the last video of Urdu tutorial about how to develop flappy bird game for android mobiles….

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How To Hack Mobile Applock Password and Pattern


Today we are sharing a very interesting video in which we will guide you how to hack mobile app lock password and pattern. In this video we told two different to hack the app lock in a very simple and easy way. Some one people themselves forget their password whom they set to their mobile application. This is very interesting¬†Urdu tutorial….

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Control your child usage habit


Every one knows that laptop, computer and mobile usage is getting more and more but this thing is not good for child/kids because due to excessive use of laptop or computer may effect the eye side of the child. Due this reason way to taleem decided to share video about how every one can easily control the computer usage of his/her child. This is very important video so please like, share and comment this post so that every one can easily handle the computer use of his or her child…..

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How to Make Flappy Bird Game Episode # 3 Urdu Tutorial


Its the third episode of Android game development. Its very informative for new Android developers to learn the Android game development knowledge. If you have not watched the previous episodes then you must watch the previous episodes. Then you will easily follow the instruction. Its the first website/channel providing free game development tutorials in Urdu and Hindi….

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Control your computer with your mobile step by step guide


Today we are sharing a very interesting video with you. In this video we will guide you how you can easily control your computer with your mobile from any where. But its important that your computer and mobile must be connected with the internet. Now a days every body knows that the mobile is usage is getting  more and more and its good if you control your computer with your mobile.

We hope you will like our today computer tutorial and also share with your friends and family…..

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