A95X 4K Android Box TV Review and unboxing

4K A95x Android TV

Now a days every one love to buy the android TV box. in this video we are going to tell you about A95X 4k android TV box. In this post we will tell you how to use the Android TV and how to attach with the LCD ot LED. you can alos download application from the play store free of cast…..

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San Disk Flash Drive 64 GB Review

Scan Disk

I bought is USB drive few days back and its really nice and working very fast to transfer my important data from computer. i the think the most i liked in this drive is that i can secure my important data in the drive by using build in free software.

Now any can secure and password his important data in the flash drive by using this flash drive. watch the video for full of detail about sandisk flash drive…

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How to use your Mobile as Fan

mobile fan pic
Every body knows that hot weather is coming because its summer time. Now summer season is coming. Every one is trying to find the ways how we can save our self from hot weather. People are trying to buy UPS, solar panels and rechargeable fans etc. In this video guide we will show you how can you use your mobile as real fan. This fan is very helpful and give real nice air. So, we can easily use it and its also potable fan……

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